Rabu, 25 Januari 2012


I first met Steve Connell early on a Saturday morning 
when he and Sekou Andrews woke me up with words  
by opening the LA Idea Project Conference with beautiful poetry in 2009. 
I've been enjoying the truth, inspiration and energy of their Spoken Word ever since. 
Steve speaks here about the real meaning of CONNECTION!
Love this!

Technology advancement has provided us with incredible instruments to share, connect and gain knowledge easily accessible at our finger tips. When I saw this I paused, humbly reminded that my grandma never had a cell phone or used a computer and our connection was deep, real and in person. The best and most rewarding & memorable experiences of my life didn't happen while browsing the internet, but while I was out enjoying the moment, fully present. Some of my best and most interesting friends in the world don't participate in online social media or even have Facebook accounts and one of the most important lessons I've discovered from the 140 character limit on Twitter is that brevity is not my forte. I've been procrastinating seeing one of those friends for a while now so this week I'm going to make time for her as well as turn off the distracting background noise for a night and make my playlist of 2011 favorite songs.

Stay connected without getting lost.

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