Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

2012: The People's Influence on Corporations

Lately, I have been completely fascinated by people's recent use of social media and grand-scale protest to influence corporations to change including the recent examples I've been following: the Occupy Wall Street's 99% Movementthe Blackout in protest of PIPA & SOPAa petition to Obama regarding Monsantoconsumers are considering boycotting Apple after a recent NY Times article highlighted not only their outsourcing of manufacturing jobs to China but also exposed the appalling work conditions in their outsourced Chinese manufacturing plantsMcDonald's pulled an offensive local radio ad & issued an apology yesterday when dog lovers united in protestand now today in the fashion world H & M and a street artist collide over the question of international copyright infringement violations.

As people dig deeper into their own value systems, wants & needs, they are no longer waiting for change to happen via government approved authority and as-per-usual methodology, but making their thoughts and viewpoints known by new methods of change including using the power of a common voice via social media and the internet to promote their causes. There has been much loss, tension, fear and sense of instability in the air over the last several years. As we experience this great cosmic shift in values and priorities, people are quickly realizing that as the forces NOW unite, their voices will be heard and the positive changes currently in progress will be swift and immediate. 

On a very personal note, before his untimely death on Independence Day of 2010, my dear friend Kindred Khan Nguyen became a mentor to me. We began discussing the last few years events leading to 2012 right upon my return from Ireland in early 2008 and continued to debate and discuss the matters incessantly until his passing. He was unquestionably enlightened beyond his years. As we discussed my plans to immediately invest in starting the business I'd been planning for the previous 2 years, he warned me in early 2008 to be extremely financially cautious due to the pending disaster that would happen in the years prior to 2012. Within six months, we all began experiencing what ultimately became the worst economic collapse of our lifetime and despite the warnings and over-cautious spending, we were all affected tremendously. He also predicted in his blog post 2012 and the Mayan Calendar and in our many conversations that we would see a major positive paradigm shift happen in 2012. I'm looking forward to it as we enter February 2012, an auspicious year, the year of the Black Water Dragon. I am confident that this already is and will continue to be a year of great positive change for me, both personally and professionally.  I wish the same for you. Each day this year, I've witnessed and observed major signs and evidence of change arising. The people of the world (myself included) have been speaking up and publicly protesting to promote much needed positive change at the local, national, and worldwide levels. Through widespread action, my hope for our future is that we are shifting from an era where corporate power and greed controls the world to an era where peace, unity and love will prevail. 

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